Our school

Dr. Pablo Santaolalla

General Director


It is my pleasure to personally welcome you to our School and introduce you to our educational philosophy. We want to share our enthusiasm for entrusting such an important part of your Family’s life with us.
My Studies started in my home country of Spain, both in Social Science and Philosophy. I have lived in many countries while finishing my Masters Degree in Educational Innovation and a second Masters in Cultural and Social Anthropology. I obtained the “Academic Excellence Award”, which made it possible to study my PhD in Anthropology of Education. During this time I have been working on educational projects around the world with the Spanish Government, the UN and three of the most important universities in Europe. Presently, I received a grant from the External Relationships Secretary and the International Agency for Research and Development; finishing this year with a postdoctoral research fellowship in Anthropology of Intercultural and Intersocial Education. My past endeavors together with my proactive work, given my young age, I have been working in Education for more than 18 years. I can say, after all, that Education is the only way to reach a fairer, responsible, respectful, solidary, emancipated, transforming and free society.
Why am I recounting my story? I strongly believe that it is necessary for you to know who will be looking after your children. I want you to know, first hand, what my vision regarding education is and where our approach to education comes from here at Weston School. It is important for you to know my ideals on education, and that of our teachers. This will be present during the social change process to generate humanity and the scientific development, so we can move the teaching-learning process forward together.
My main goal, above all, is that our youth recover the mystery for learning, knowing, exploring and inquiring; so they can understand that education is their right and not a burden.
We have established an innovating methodology, stemming from my research experience of more than 14 educational Systems around the world, where students are the active agents of their own learning processes, addressing diversity, and knowing that personal space is essential for personal growth. We apply this by individualizing evaluations, having project-based assessments, conflict and problem resolution, use constructivism, where students are able to practice their acquired knowledge. In short, where we know that our students are individuals, living together in a community. It is our job to train young people for the global future, from their local present.


Our philosophy, as well as our role with Weston families and to our planet, is to mold individuals to live in a conscious, self-aware, questioning and responding world, which reflects and observes and that is based on principles such as respect, solidarity, empathy, the empirical and critical approach, emancipation, empowerment, justice and, above all, freedom. We firmly believe that Education is a right, the driving force of transformation, must be understood to give answers as to ​why​, for what​ and ​how b​ y making a holistic education that perfectly combines theory and practice; and, as a goal, academic and human excellence. This is why our work is, and always will be, to shape socially proactive individuals who are committed from the present through to the future of the planet.

  • School founded in 2006.
  • Excellent academic results.
  • ZERO cases of violence.
  • ZERO tolerance to drugs.
  • Adapted and personalized curriculum.
  • Respectful and committed environment.
  • An excellent school, at an excellent price.


Weston School offers an integral discipline in knowledge, skills and attitudes that allows our students to be able to proactively face a changing world; so that they contribute to the harmonious development of society.
Through a humanistic and scientific education, coming from constructivism, we offer a focus to the vanguard of the world and Social Sciences (Education, Anthropology, Sociology, Pedagogy, Psychology). During these stages of life, where young people are constantly searching for their own identity, Weston College offers personal spaces (physical and symbolic) where they can enhance their talents and discover themselves, as unique and irreproducible human beings, from the great potential that will lead them to achieve each and every one of the goals that they established for themselves.


We will be happy to answer any questions.